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Missing Person

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Missing Person

Our team at Atlas Investigation & Consultancy knows how to handle the complexity and delicacy that is needed when investigating a missing person. Obstacles caused due to the frequent criminality involvement in the situation is something we are extremely familiar with and prepared for.

We offer a client-oriented approach that is both caring and effective. We work alongside families to ensure that absolutely everything is done to solve missing person cases. We are happy to work with cold cases that have been closed for whatever reason by law enforcement.

No matter the nature of the query, we give our 100% to each and every case. Regardless of available budget, we always give it our all. Our success rate of 85% is proof of our commitment to finding your missing person.

Investigation of a missing person is the most challenging assignment, and Atlas Investigators have the expertise to complete all the investigations successfully. Our investigation experts have resolved many sensitive and critical cases of missing persons. They know how to deal with critical situations to find out the missing person. Whether the person is kidnapped or runs away fr om his place, Atlas investigation consultants will et you know wh ere the missing person is and what he is doing.

Whether the person is in Singapore or the Atlantic ocean, the investigation team will find him out from all over the world! There are numerous types of missing person lets have a look:

Types of Missing Persons

  • Missing adults
  • High-risk missing persons
  • Runaways
  • Unidentified persons
  • Child abductions

Atlas investigation experts are ready to help you to find out missing persons. To find your concerned missing person get Atlas missing person services now.

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